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Last Updated: September 07, 2023, 14:01 IST

Delhi Metro: Desi Aunty Shames Couple for PDA Inside Train, Internet Says, 'Mind Your Own Business' (Photo Credits: Instagram/@vikass.nepalii)

Delhi Metro: Desi Aunty Shames Couple for PDA Inside Train, Internet Says, ‘Mind Your Own Business’ (Photo Credits: Instagram/@vikass.nepalii)

Delhi metro viral video: Elderly woman scolds couple over PDA inside train, gets called out on internet for minding her own business.

The Delhi metro has indeed turned into a hotspot for viral videos, where conflicts are as common as commuters on the trains. Each day brings forth a fresh video showcasing people quarrelling, essentially turning it into a battleground, and the internet can’t seem to get enough of it. Adding to this repertoire is a recent video, thankfully not another fistfight, where a Desi Aunty took it upon herself to scold a couple for their alleged Public Display of Affection (PDA) within the train’s confines. As expected, the video quickly went viral, prompting users to ponder when such Aunties will learn to mind their own business.

In an Instagram reel shared by user @vikass.nepalii, an elderly woman can be seen scolding a woman in Hindi, declaring, “I’ve been watching for the past hour… what she’s doing. She either touches his cheeks, tickles him, and whatnot.” While onlookers intervened to diffuse the situation, the woman also retorted, prompting the elderly lady to further shame her by saying, “It doesn’t look good.”

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Amidst the banter and commotion, a bystander captured the incident on video, which predictably went viral on Instagram.

Watch the Viral Video:

Soon after, people began sharing their thoughts on the matter. One user commented, “I always wonder where this gyan of these aunties vanishes when people fight in public.. khulle main ladai varjit nhi hai lo.” Another user chimed in with, “Dear Aunty, next time when you see a guy taking a piss on the road.. (probably your own husband).. please tell him ‘acha nahi lagta beta’? Ya woh acha lagta hai apko dekhna? Just asking!”

However, there were also those who supported Desi Aunty’s reprimand. One individual opined, “The people who are justifying the actions of these couples should understand it honestly doesn’t looks good, you do romance in clubs, cafes that would be okay but public transportation please maintain dignity!”

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 2.5 million views and 66K likes.

Meanwhile, this incident is not the first time an Aunty has been seen scolding a couple in the Delhi metro. Earlier, a video circulating on social media featured a couple clashing with two Aunties in the Delhi metro. The ladies accused the couple of standing too close to each other, while the couple argued that they had done nothing wrong and that both parties should mind their own business.


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