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NEW DELHI: The strike at Eiffel Tower has come to an end and the site would reopen on Sunday, the company that manages the Tower informed on Saturday.
It said that SETE and trade unions “reached an end-of-strike agreement stipulating that the parties will regularly review the company’s business model, maintenance costs and sales through a body that will meet every six months”.
SETE assured that those who purchased tickets between February 19 and 24 will receive refunds.
This comes in the light of the 2024 Summer Olympics which is set to begin on July 26 in Paris. The winners’ medals would have metal from the Eiffel Tower.
Workers at the Eiffel Tower went on strike on February 19 to protest the way the Paris monument is managed. The site has remained closed since then.
Unions criticised the SETE of basing its business model on what they say is an inflated estimate of future visitor numbers while underestimating repair and maintenance costs.
The unions had also argued that the city hall is charging the Eiffel Tower’s operator a leasing fee that is excessive, thereby hindering the availability of funds for necessary maintenance work.
Responding to those concerns, SETE announced new measures, including a 20% increase in ticket prices. The current price for an adult using the lift to the summit is 29.40 euros ($31), with a slightly lower fee for those who choose to climb the stairs.
France’s culture minister Rachida Dati on Thursday suggested the Eiffel Tower to be classified as a “historical monument” to allow the state to help fund works if needed.
The Eiffel Tower booked a shortfall of around 120 million euros ($130 million) during the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021.
Its operator has since received a recapitalisation of 60 million euros, which unions say is insufficient given that major maintenance work is needed, including a fresh paint job.


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