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A tobacco giant has spent billions of pounds on a cutting-edge tool to help smokers to ditch cigarettes.

After 15 years and $10.5bn (£8.32bn) spent on research, a smokeless device that reduces the amount of chemicals pumped out of ordinary cigarettes by 95 percent is launched in the UK this week.

For those struggling to stop smoking altogether, this product has zero tar and can save smokers who usually spend £14.40 a day on a packet of cigarettes £3,000 a year.

Although everyone recognises that giving up smoking is the best option, many find it a hard habit to kick. The World Health Organisation has set a target of reducing nine chemicals in smoking products, not including nicotine, while the government wants Britain to be smoke-free by 2030.

Around the world, 19.4m adults have already switched to this next-generation alternative to cigarettes. Currently, around 6.9m adults in Britain smoke cigarettes regularly.

IQOS ILUMA uses cutting-edge induction technology to heat not-burn tobacco delivering taste, no ash and much less of a lingering smell with cigarette-like satisfaction, no tobacco residue and the nicotine hit that smokers crave.

The technology has been funded by Philip Morris International, working alongside a team of experts since 2008.

Harry Wake, IQOS UK Spokesman said: “The technology and resources that has gone into developing IQOS ILUMA is nothing less than extraordinary – it’s a culmination of over a decade of continual research and $10.5 billion investment into smoke-free products by world-class experts in the field.

“This all adds up to a huge moment for those looking to move away from cigarettes.

“Everyone knows the best thing any smoker can do is to stop smoking completely – but for those who don’t, switching to less harmful alternatives like IQOS ILUMA is a far better choice.

“More than that, by switching, smokers can also save up to £3,000 per year – it’s a win win, less harmful to health and better for wealth.”


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