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Grant Gustin, the former CW superhero now making his Broadway debut in the musical “Water for Elephants,” has been headlining his current, critically praised stage gig since it began previews in late February. And yet, “I’m still scared and nervous every show,” the actor admitted on the latest episode of “Stagecraft,” Variety’s theater podcast.

Listen to this week’s “Stagecraft” podcast below:

“But that’s why I wanted to do this,” he continued. “It’s scary, but there’s nothing more fun or fulfilling than live theater. I have to remind myself that it’s okay for it to be both things: scary on one hand, and fun and fulfilling on the other.”

Although he’s best known for his nine seasons in the lead role of the superhero series “The Flash,” Gustin is no stranger to the stage or to musical theater. He worked in theater from the ages of 10 to 21, and first gained national attention for his TV role on “Glee.”

But it’s been 13 years since his last stage gig, when he had a role in the national tour of “West Side Story.” Plus, he explained on “Stagecraft,” he’s never felt fully comfortable as a singer.

“I would say the most consistent thing I spend time worrying about is the singing, which I knew would be the case going in,” he said. “I’ve always struggled with confidence in general, I guess, but as a singer for sure, even though it is technically something I can do. I’m also not naive to the fact that I’m coming in as someone who’s been away from this for so long, who’s a quote-unquote ‘TV actor,’ and I didn’t want to feel like an outsider.”

Gustin added that his enviable time in Hollywood has given him a unique perspective. “It’s funny. I’ve had all this incredible success that a lot of actors would kill for in the past 13 years,” he said. “But I think it’s humbled me in some ways. There’s this self-doubt that’s built up somehow as you compare yourself to these people that you admire. It’s been such an interesting journey.”

Also on the new “Stagecraft,” Gustin recalled a formative Broadway experience watching Hugh Jackman in “The Boy from Oz,” pointed out that “Urinetown” might be ripe for a revival, and revealed that working on Broadway can be a real workout.

“Jesse L. Martin, who’s a Broadway veteran and was on ‘Flash’ with me for years, called me last night to check in, and he was like, ‘I bet you got a six pack right now, man. Broadway gives you a six pack!’” Gustin said with a laugh. “And actually, considering I haven’t been going to the gym — yeah, my legs and my core have stayed in pretty good shape doing this show.”

To hear the entire conversation, listen at the link above or download and subscribe to “Stagecraft” on podcast platforms including Apple PodcastsSpotify and the Broadway Podcast NetworkNew episodes of “Stagecraft” are released every other week.


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