50 Cent Throws Microphone at Concert Audience, Strikes Person’s Head newsbhunt


50 Cent might be in serious legal trouble after angrily striking a concert-goer in the head with a microphone during his “Final Lap” tour stop at Cryto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Aug. 30.

Videos of the altercation started surfacing soon after the concert wrapped and depicted a frustrated 50 Cent hurling his microphone into the crowd not once but twice. The rapper was reportedly upset because the microphones were not working and threw the first one with little force but once the second microphone failed, he launched it into the audience with amplified energy.

The “Final Lap” tour incorporates special guests including YG, who was performing on stage at the time that 50 Cent hit the audience member. Images of the alleged injured party have started circulating online claiming the victim is Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain. Those photos show a bloody Monegain with an open wound on her forehead.

Both Monegain and a representative for 50 Cent did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment. Los Angeles Police Department could not confirm a police report had been filed at the time of this article’s publication.

50 follows in the footsteps of Cardi B, who also pelted a microphone into the crowd, starting a short-lived legal battle between her and the victim. In that instance, however, she was retaliating against a fan who threw a drink at her on stage, but the rapper ended up hitting another person nearby. That person filed a police report the next day and Cardi was cleared of a possible battery charge in the days that followed.

Prior to the mic-throwing, the roles had been reversed with concert-goers purposely targeting artists on stage. Starting earlier this summer, Bebe Rexha was almost knocked out cold by a fan throwing a cell phone at her head in New York, Harry Styles was hit with an unidentified object in Vienna, and Latto responded to a similar projectile in Germany by saying “Want your ass beat?


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