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The latest findings from the annual Reagan National Defense Survey underscore a growing sentiment among Americans that the United States is on an unfavorable trajectory, with just 25% of adults believing the country is heading in the right direction, reported Fox News. This marks a significant shift from the survey’s inception in 2018, where 54% saw the nation on the wrong track and 27% perceived it as moving in the right direction.
Congress faces a grim assessment, with only 5% expressing “great confidence” and 21% indicating “some confidence.” In stark contrast, 43% have “not much at all” confidence in the legislative branch, reflecting a decline from 2018 when 39% had either “great” or “some” confidence.
Top concerns for Americans include inflation, gas prices, and groceries, tying with jobs and the economy at 16%. Politics and partisanship trail at 10%, followed by corruption and incompetent leaders (9%), and immigration (5%).
The survey delves into apprehensions about various issues, with 62% expressing concern about a conventional military attack, 85% about a potential cyberattack, 81% about a terrorist attack, and 87% about political division leading to violence in the U.S.
Regarding national defense, 55% believe the U.S. relies too heavily on non-allied countries for essential materials, while 69% believe more domestic manufacturing capacity is needed for the country to produce its materials for national defense. A substantial 70% feel that increased domestic manufacturing is necessary to meet crisis-related production demands.
These results emerge from the survey’s 6th year and 10th Reagan National Defense Forum, capturing insights from 2,506 U.S. adults surveyed between October 27 and November 5. The findings illuminate a complex landscape of concerns and perspectives shaping public opinion on the nation’s trajectory and defense capabilities.


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