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Last Updated: August 30, 2023, 08:07 IST

Bengaluru Man 'Walking' on the Moon is Tripping the Internet Out, Watch Viral Video (Photo Credits: X/@baadalvirus)

Bengaluru Man ‘Walking’ on the Moon is Tripping the Internet Out, Watch Viral Video (Photo Credits: X/@baadalvirus)

Viral video shows a man ‘walking’ on the moon but there’s a twist in the tale that you must know before connecting it to Chandrayaan-3’s story.

Exactly one week ago, a momentous event unfolded as Chandrayaan-3 softly landed on the southern pole of the Moon, etching itself into the annals of history. This day, now fondly referred to as ‘National Space Day’, August 23, instilled an immense sense of pride among Indians worldwide. Since then, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has been providing updates on the lunar spacecraft, ensuring a steady stream of information. However, the latest buzz on social media is a video showcasing a man seemingly ‘walking’ on the lunar surface, leaving everyone amazed!

After all, wasn’t Chandrayaan-3 an uncrewed spacecraft? How, then, could a human presence be witnessed on the moon? As it turns out, this is a video from the past – a creative experiment by a street artist in Bengaluru dating back to 2019. The video features an individual clad in an elaborate spacesuit, humourously navigating a terrain akin to the moon’s rugged landscape. In reality, the terrain is none other than the pothole-riddled roads of India, playfully drawing a comparison between lunar craters and road imperfections in the city.

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Resurfacing into the spotlight, the video regained traction when a user on the platform ‘X,’ formerly known as Twitter, shared it, mistakenly identifying the location as the state of Nagpur. Vigilant commentators quickly corrected the location, pinpointing Bengaluru as the origin of the video and even providing a link to the original creator.

Take a Look at the Original Video:

Interestingly, this video seems to serve as a fitting response to a previous gaffe made by Ashok Chandna, the Sports Minister of Rajasthan. Prior to the Chandrayaan-3 landing, he had expressed his elation at the dedication displayed by the ‘courageous individuals’ on board the mission.

Chandna’s statement went, “Hum kamyaab huye aur safe landing hui toh jo yaatri gaye hain unko salam karta hoon aur hamara desh ek kadam aur science mein, space research ke andar aage badha usko sabhi deshwasiyo ko badhai deta hoon” (If we are successful and we achieve safe landing on the moon, I would like to salute the passengers. Our nation has taken another step in science and space research and I would like to congratulate the citizens of India).”

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No doubt, Desis on the internet never cease to infuse everything with a dash of humour, be it intentional or not!


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