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Shoppers on the hunt for huge discounts this Black Friday have been warned by Klarna not to get caught out by paying for a product that is actually discounted after a previous price hike.

Top discounts on video games include the Playstation 4 and Xbox Series X being slashed in price by up to 43 percent and 42 percent respectively.

However, shoppers should be aware some discounts may be misleading. The research found one in four of the 25,000 most popular products discounted in the past seven days had previously been hiked in price by more than 10 percent, from August 21 until a week ago.

The average discount on items on sale was 20 percent compared to last week but down just 1.5 percent compared to prices in August 21.

One in six of the 25,000 most popular products available online in the UK are on sale, with an average discount of 15 percent compared to a week ago.

People searching for homeware can get irons and steamers down in price by almost a third, while electric toothbrushes are available at a 31 percent discount.

Analysis from Klarna found the the product with the highest proportion of items with a discount are eReaders, with 80 percent of products slashed in price.

Almost half of sunglasses are on offer, as well as 37 percent of cosmetics, 33 percent of stylers, and one in three skincare items.

Data from the Klarna shopping app found 18 percent of activity on the app is people looking for deals on fragrances and on shoes.

Britons are also hunting for bargains on clothing, headphones and TVs. Just one percent of consumers are looking for deals on air fryers, although people can get average discounts of 17 percent on the appliance.

Shoes, clothing and headphones are all on sale at discounted prices of on average 20 percent compared to last week.

How to get the best Black Friday deals

Klarna shared how people can use its app to make sure they get the best deal:

  • In-store scanning to check if an item is cheaper online – The scanning feature can check the barcode of more than 10 million products online to look for cheaper options

  • Save it for later if it’s too expensive – Items can be saved with a shopper can get a ping notification when the price drops

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