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Council tax bills increased 5.1 percent in the past year with one area seeing their bills go up by almost 14 percent.

Analysis from RIFT found average bills for Band D properties went up from £1,966 last year to £2,065 this year. London saw the biggest increase, as bills went up 6.2 percent to £1,801 a year.

However, the capital continues to have the lowest average council tax bill of all regions, while bills are highest in the North East, at £2,196 a year. Bills have increased by over £100 in London, the South West and the North East.

The East of England had the smallest tax increase as rates went up by 4.6 percent, increasing from £1,987 a year to £2,079 a year.

Bradley Post, managing director of RIFT, said: “Councils are having a tough time of it at the moment with many on the brink of bankruptcy. Increasing council tax is one way in which they can try and keep their heads above water, but during a cost of living crisis it’s a bitter pill to swallow for residents.


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