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Disney Dreamlight Valley will leave its year-long “early access” phase Dec. 5. Rather than turn into a free-to-play game upon its global launch, as it had assured users was the plan from the start of its beta phase a year ago, Disney Dreamlight Valley will now remain a paid offering with different priced tier levels.

In a blog post published to the official Disney Dreamlight Valley website Friday, the team behind the Gameloft game wrote: “As we look ahead to the official launch, with the learnings we’ve gained from Early Access, we’ve made the decision to remain a paid game for the foreseeable future,” rea blog post published to the Disney Dreamlight Valley This means we will not make the transition to be a free-to-play game when we leave Early Access on December 5th.”

The statement continued: “This choice ensures that Disney Dreamlight Valley will be able to continue delivering on a premium game experience for all players. It’s important to us that we maintain our promise to keep delivering free content updates that add new characters, realms, clothing, furniture, and more surprises to your Valley. Purchases requiring moonstones will remain optional, fair, and match the level of quality players have come to expect. Players will still be able to collect free Moonstones via Dream Snaps and Chests, or optionally choose to purchase them.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley will now be offered at multiple paid tiers, with the higher levels offering additional features and the core game — which includes no exclusive content and no access to new story-progressing expansion packs — costing $39.99.

The other options are the “Cozy Edition” of the game, which is the previously-announced physical copy version of the game that opened for pre-orders in August and became available Oct. 27, for $49.99 and the “Gold Edition,” a digital version of the game, for $69.99. Both of those versions include the core game, plus extra exclusive in-game items, while only the Gold Edition will give players access to the expansion pack “A Rift in Time,” which will launch Dec. 5 as the next storyline in the overall game. On its own, the “A Right in Time” expansion pass will cost $29.99 and require the base game to operate.

See the pricing chart below.

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