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Last Updated: December 04, 2023, 12:22 IST

The detonation occurred on November 30, 2023.

The detonation occurred on November 30, 2023.

The missile, thought to date back to the late 19th century, had become an integral part of the Edwards’ garden decor.

Sian and Jeffrey Edwards, an elderly couple from Milford Haven in Wales, were left in disbelief after discovering that their cherished garden ornament, believed to be an old ‘dummy’ missile, was not as harmless as they thought. The unexpected revelation led to a visit from the bomb disposal team and the detonation of the historic explosive.

The missile, thought to date back to the late 19th century, had become an integral part of the Edwards’ garden decor. Jeffrey, unaware of its true nature, used the 64lb naval projectile to swat away dirt from her towel after gardening — a risky move given the surprising truth behind their seemingly innocuous decoration.

The ordeal began when, on a Wednesday evening, police knocked on Edwards’ door after a passerby noticed the missile, prompting them to contact the Ministry of Defence as a precaution. Within an hour, the couple was informed that a bomb disposal squad would be arriving the next day.

The couple, initially faced with the possibility of evacuating their street, adamantly refused to leave their home. Sian recounted the tense night to BBC, stating, “We didn’t sleep a wink all night. It knocked us for six. I told the bomb disposal unit ‘We’re not leaving the house, we’re staying here. If it goes up, we’re going to go up with it.’”

The Ministry of Defence arrived the following morning, and after removing the missile, their tests confirmed that it was indeed a live explosive with a small amount of charge. The bomb was subsequently covered with five tonnes of sand and safely detonated in a disused quarry in Walwyn’s Castle.

The emotional toll on the Edwards couple was palpable, with Sian referring to the missile as an “old friend.” He expressed remorse, saying, “It was an old friend. I’m so sorry that the poor old thing was blown to pieces.”

The missile, with a history spanning over a century, was originally discovered by the Morris family, previous owners of the house, who found it on the beach after warships for the Royal Navy used the area for target practice, according to the report by BBC.

Pop Morris, a lemonade delivery man, discovered the shell while travelling to Broad Haven with his trusty horse and cart, the news agency added. Wrestling with the weight, he laboured back up the beach, securing the shell on the back of his cart for a lively seven-mile journey home. Once there, he casually placed it upright in the front courtyard, and that’s where it stood, becoming a permanent fixture in the Morris household.

The bomb, initially painted red to match the house’s window ledges, had been a distinctive feature since Edwards purchased the property in 1982. Sian remarked, “It stood there during two world wars.”

The Ministry of Defence confirmed the incident, stating, “The EOD team assessed the item and determined it to be a 64lb naval projectile, which was removed from the scene for subsequent explosive demolition.” The detonation occurred on November 30, 2023.


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