Elvis Presley’s Rare Gun Expected To Fetch Up To Rs 74 Lakh At Auction


Last Updated: August 28, 2023, 11:14 IST

The king of Rock And Roll owned 37 firearms. (Image Credits: Twitter)

The king of Rock And Roll owned 37 firearms. (Image Credits: Twitter)

The gun, adorned with gold and silver inlays, was given to Elvis Presley nine months before his death.

Elvis Presley, the king of Rock And Roll, was not only a music lover but also passionate about collecting guns. He acquired, used and displayed his guns throughout his life. Soon after getting fame, the artist started receiving threats and to keep himself safeguarded, Elvis carried guns wherever he went. Following his untimely death at 42 in 1977, it was revealed that Can’t Help Falling In Love crooner owned 37 firearms, including a machine gun. Now, a great opportunity awaits for a lucky fan as one of his guns, a Smith & Wesson Model 53 double action revolver, gifted to him in November 1976, just nine months prior to his demise, is set to be auctioned.

The revolver is a true work of art, with intricate details like a bald eagle, a 13 star American flag and the Liberty Bell. Its design holds a special appeal not only for gun enthusiasts but also for those who admire Presley’s work. As a result, experts predict that even people who are not interested in firearms would like to own this unique piece of history. The gun’s expected auction price ranges between $60,000 (approximately Rs 49 lakh) and $90,000 (approximately Rs 74 lakh).

As per the website, Rock Island Auction, “Originally manufactured in 1974, this Model 53 returned to the Smith & Wesson factory in 1976 to undergo its transformation into a Russell Smith masterpiece specifically for Elvis Presley. The revolver is identified by serial number in Russell Smith’s accompanying 1988 dated signed letter.”

“In the letter, Smith confirmed that he performed the engraving “in 1976 for a Bi-centennial Commemorative gift for Elvis Presley, factory ordered from Hiram’s of California.” Hiram’s was a gun shop in El Cajon, California, and the name of the shop is script engraved on the underside of the frame ahead of the trigger guard,” they added.

Interestingly, there was a proposal of engraving Presley’s signature on the trigger guard, but the idea was discarded and as per records, the firearm was delivered on November 16, 1976.

In 1956, Elvis Presley was given a .410 Winchester shotgun. During his time in the Army, the artist earned sharpshooter badges for the M1911 and the M1 rifle, along with a marksman badge for the M2 Carbine. The icon had a Colt Government Model for personal security at his residence, Graceland. He was also appointed a deputy sheriff of Shelby County in 1964.

Elvis Presley often carried a firearm, even during his stage performances. He started doing this, after the Manson family murders and death threats. The singer encouraged his team members to start doing the same as precautionary measure.


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