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“On November 1, 2023, I voted against the House Resolution to expel Rep. George Santos and stated that, ‘once either the court or official [Ethics] Committee processes conclude, I am prepared, based on known facts, to vote to expel the Congressman.’ That time has arrived.

“In modern times, it is House precedent that Representatives are only expelled after conviction of a felony. In the matter involving Rep. Santos, the Ethics Committee has now found and documented conduct that is as serious as that of Members who on prior occasions have been expelled following felony convictions.

“Precedents of the House are important guidelines to ensure proper, consistent actions. But every precedent had a first time, and precedents should not prevent the House from acting when prudence dictates the creation of a new precedent or a variation from precedent.

“In the matter of Rep. Santos, rigid adherence to the requirement of a felony conviction prior to expulsion would, in essence, delegate the responsibilities of the legislative branch to the executive and judicial branches. Here, detailed evidence assembled by a unanimous Ethics Committee, which appropriately afforded the Member due process, indicates that Rep. Santos’ conduct is equivalent to that which formed the basis for prior expulsions. The House should accept its responsibilities under Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution without deferring to the other branches of government.

“Damning, conclusive, and unanimous Ethics Committee investigations are rare. Felony convictions of Members of the House are rare. Expulsions are rare. Most Members who were convicted of felonies resigned, sparing the House from a vote to expel. To date, Rep. Santos has declined to resign his seat, even though he has had ample time to do so.

“As a former chair of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (now named the Ethics Committee), I am confident that a vote to expel Rep. Santos is not only warranted, but also squarely fits within the House’s obligations under Article I, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution.

“I will vote to expel Rep. George Santos.”


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