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Last Updated: November 20, 2023, 15:28 IST

Her school Little Paddington has been hitting headlines since its establishment.

Her school Little Paddington has been hitting headlines since its establishment.

Prerna never visited any business school and holds a graduation degree in science from New York University.

In the realm of education and innovation, Prerna Jhunjhunwala stands out as a beacon of success, having made a significant impact on children’s learning experiences both in the classroom and the digital space. As the owner of Little Paddington, a renowned preschool with seven branches in Singapore, Prerna has seamlessly blended her passion for teaching with her entrepreneurial spirit.

Prerna’s journey took a remarkable turn with the creation of the Creative Galileo app, designed to cater to children aged three to ten, facilitating an engaging and educational environment. The app, offering a diverse range of learning games, videos, and personalized lessons, has garnered an astounding 90 million downloads, solidifying its status as a go-to resource for young learners. What sets Creative Galileo apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate fun and education, making the learning process enjoyable for children.

Despite lacking a conventional business education from prestigious institutions like IIM or IIT, Prerna holds a degree from New York University in New York. Undeterred by the absence of formal business training, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, demonstrating that passion, determination, and a commitment to education can be powerful catalysts for success.

In a testament to Creative Galileo’s success, Prerna’s startup raised a substantial Rs 60 crore in funds last year. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the company’s organic growth with minimal spending on marketing—a testament to the app’s quality and its ability to resonate with users.

Looking ahead, Prerna has ambitious plans for her educational technology venture. The company aims to introduce content focused on vernacular languages, further widening its impact. The success story extends beyond Creative Galileo, as Prerna’s company has introduced two additional apps, Toondemy and Little Singham, both boasting over 1 crore downloads and securing a coveted spot in the top 20 apps on Playstore.

Investors, including Vani Kola, have commended Prerna Jhunjhunwala for her focus and strong execution. In an interview, Prerna expressed her vision, stating, “We intend to put technology in the hands of every teacher, which would subsequently bring knowledge to the fingertips of every child.” Her commitment to leveraging technology for educational empowerment underscores the transformative impact one dedicated individual can have on shaping the future of learning.”


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