‘In what world do you live?’: Israeli FM slams UN chief Antonio Guterres newsbhunt


On Tuesday, Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen sharply criticised UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for his remarks on Israel’s actions in Gaza. Cohen vividly described the brutal attacks by Hamas on civilians and questioned Guterres during a Security Council meeting, asking, “Mr Secretary-General, in what world do you live?” Following this, Cohen informed the media that he had decided to cancel a scheduled meeting with the UN chief.
Guterres had previously pointed out “clear violations” of international law by Israel in its response to the October 7 attack by Hamas. He urged for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. Furthermore, Guterres commented that the actions of Hamas were not isolated events, referencing the prolonged “56 years of suffocating occupation” that Palestinians have faced.
Guterres also said that the Hamas attacks did not occur “in a vacuum,” pointing to “56 years of suffocating occupation” endured by the Palestinians.
In response, Cohen questioned the feasibility of a ceasefire with an entity that is committed to Israel’s destruction, stating, “How can you agree to a ceasefire with someone who swore to kill and destroy your own existence?” He also refuted the notion that the current violence was a result of occupation, reminding that Israel had completely withdrawn from Gaza in 2005. However, after Hamas seized control, Israel initiated a blockade on the economically challenged region, which remains in effect. Additionally, Israel continues its occupation of the West Bank.
Gilad Erdan, Israel’s vocal UN ambassador, took to X (previously known as Twitter) to demand Guterres’s resignation. He accused the UN leader of showing sympathy for acts of terrorism and violence.
In the midst of these tensions, a spokesperson for Guterres announced that the Secretary-General would proceed with a planned meeting with representatives of families held by Hamas in Gaza. The meeting would include a representative from the Israeli mission, but Cohen would not be in attendance, as per the UN spokesperson’s statement.
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