Israel-Hamas war: IDF posts videos of Hamas terrorists detailing orders to kill, behead and rape newsbhunt


NEW DELHI: Israeli security agencies released video footage on Monday from the interrogations of seven Hamas terrorists who were captured after the attacks by Hamas terrorists o October 7. In these videos, the terrorists confessed to receiving orders to commit acts of violence against Israeli civilians.
In a video published by the Israel Defense Forces, a Hamas member whose identity was concealed stated that armed individuals were directed to kill everyone they encountered, which involved acts such as beheading victims and cutting off their legs. He said, “The plan was to go from home to home, from room to room, to throw grenades and kill everyone, including women and children,” he said. “Hamas ordered us to crush their heads and cut them off, [and] to cut their legs.”
He added that they were authorized to rape the dead body of a girl.
The terrorist was apprehended while participating in an assault on Kibbutz Alumim, as stated by the IDF. During this attack, the Kibbutz’s on-site security personnel successfully repelled the terrorists, who had already infiltrated a section of the Kibbutz where foreign workers resided. They tragically killed 16 people from Thailand and Nepal and took eight others as hostages to Gaza.
Overall, around 1,400 people lost their lives in Israel during the unparalleled onslaught. The victims were primarily civilians who were killed in their residences or during an outdoor music festival. Additionally, soldiers stationed at bases near the border were among the casualties. A minimum of 224 people, including the elderly, women, and children, were taken hostage and transferred to Gaza.
The video, released by the Shin Bet and the Israel Police, was reported to contain segments from the interrogations of six members of Hamas’s elite Nukhba forces who were involved in the mass killings and abductions.
One of them said, “In Gaza, those who bring hostages get a grant — an apartment and $10,000”.
Another was recorded stating that Hamas had issued orders to eliminate young men and “abduct the elderly, women, and children.”
Another testified that he had shot a dog that approached him outside one of the homes. Additionally, one of them mentioned that he and his team had set fire to two homes.
According to the Shin Bet and police statement, as per the terrorists’ accounts, while thousands of Hamas operatives were dispatched into Israel, senior Hamas commanders remained secure in concealed apartments.
They mentioned that the detainees had provided comprehensive descriptions of the infiltration and the assault “that has been used and will be used to attack targets in the Gaza Strip.”
“The security forces of the State of Israel will settle accounts with all the terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre,” the statement said.
The government screened approximately 43 minutes of distressing content, including scenes of murder, torture, and decapitation from the southern Israel assault. This material, which also featured unedited footage from the terrorists’ body cameras, was shown to around 200 foreign press members. The purpose behind this action was to counter what a spokesperson described as a “Holocaust-denial-like phenomenon unfolding in real-time.”
This measure was taken to address doubts that have arisen globally concerning some of the most horrific acts committed by Hamas. It’s worth noting that journalists were not allowed to record the screening, which occurred on a secured military base.


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