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Last Updated: September 04, 2023, 14:28 IST

'Kajal Ka Hashbend': Desi Man's Truecaller ID Has People On 'X' Calling it 'Goals' (Photo Credits: X/@stuutiiiii)

‘Kajal Ka Hashbend’: Desi Man’s Truecaller ID Has People On ‘X’ Calling it ‘Goals’ (Photo Credits: X/@stuutiiiii)

Desi man’s funny Truecaller ID has internet users on ‘X’ in fits of laughter. Here’s why.

Applications like Truecaller serve the purpose of helping individuals identify incoming calls and protect themselves from potential threats. However, not every interaction on such platforms is serious in nature. There are instances where users inject humour into their profiles, bringing smiles and laughter to those on the receiving end. A recent example of this comedic twist unfolded when a user on ‘X’ platform, formerly known as Twitter, shared a hilarious Truecaller name belonging to a Desi man, igniting waves of amusement across the internet.

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The ‘X’ user, @stuutiiiii, posted a screenshot of a Truecaller ID where a man had humourously labelled himself as “Kajal Ka Hashbend (Kajal’s Husband).” Playfully dubbed a “real feminism” moment, this post quickly went viral on social media, as people couldn’t help but chuckle at the man’s attempt to conceal his identity, leaving them to ponder, ‘What if a woman had done something similar?’

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Nonetheless, commenters couldn’t resist joining the fun, with one playfully exclaiming, “Girls be like- i want what she has.” Another mused, “Uska pati uske jhuk jaata hai uski zidd ke samne…Wo hash-bend hojata hai uska.” Yet another chimed in, “Hashbend > > husband,” while the fourth humourously remarked on “Gender equality.”

Indeed, are these the relationship goals we all secretly aspire to?

In an entirely unrelated incident, a Desi husband chose to deviate from the norm and let his creative side shine to impress his wife. What unfolded was a heartwarming gesture embodying the very essence of love that everyone yearns for.

Shared on ‘X’ by @notawatermark, a post featured a snapshot of a handwritten Hindi quote on a piece of paper. The user captioned the image, “My dad doesnt know how to download quotes he sees on facebook so he’s been writing them down on a piece of paper to send them to my mom.” This touching act stirred a buzz amongst Desis on ‘X’, leaving many longing for such heartfelt moments in their own lives.

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In fact, when we say Desis are differently built, this is what we mean!


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