Latido Takes Alejandro Agresti’s ‘Lo Que Quisimos Ser’ at Ventana Sur newsbhunt


BUENOS AIRES — In one of the first deals to close at this week’s Ventana Sur market, Spain’s Latido Films has boarded “Lo Que Quisimos Ser,” written-directed by Alejandro Agresti, produced by Fernando Sokolowicz at Aleph Media, and Gastón Duprat, who have teamed as producer and co-writer-director on “The Distinguished Citizen,” “The Man Next Door,” and “The Artist.”

“Lo Que Quisimos Ser” marks the latest film from Agresti, one of Argentina’s most international talents best known for a Hollywood sojourn which saw him directing Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in “The Lake House” and writing Argentina-set, English-language “No somos animales,” with John Cusack.

Of his Argentine film, “Valentín” weighs in as a big-hearted coming of age tale of a cross-eyed and very lonely young kid. “Lo Que Quisimos Ser” also looks to wear its heart on its sleeve with a story of two characters who like in many Agresti films find solace for loneliness in fantasy. It goes further, suggesting this fantasy become the bedrock love relationship of their life. 

Starring Eleonora Wexler and Luis Rubio, the comedic drama turns on a man and woman who meet by chance after a film and go to a cafe where they start talking, constructing a fantasy world where they become the people they wanted to be, if reality hadn’t got in the way., which they never ever talk about.

They fall profoundly in love, meet and talk every Thursday at the cafe down the decades when they live as their true selves.

Targeting a broad public which are romantic movie fans, its makers say, this upscale romcom intertwines scenes in the cafe and others of their real daily lives, as they await anxiously for their meeting every Thursday, where “outside reality doesn’t compromise the freedom of illusion,” the synopsis says.

Also produced by 1010 Mente Colectiva (“Los Mil Días de Allende”), “Lo Que Quisimos Ser” is “really a beautiful love story  during years, of the beauty of complicity, and that one can love someone knowing there wil be no physical contact and that the stories each character tells about themselves are deliberate lies,”  said Latido’s Saura.

“The film takes you to a world where imagination triumphs over reality, and daily reality becomes secondary if you agree to play,” he added.

“Endearing, emotional and high-quality, ‘Lo Que Quisimos Ser’ is a return to classic cinema which sparks audience sentiment via spectacular performances,” said Sokolowicz.

“The agreement with Latido is choosing – and being chosen by Latido – for the sales on a film which is so beautiful that it needs to be cared for. We have found the best distributor for the film for its passage at festivals, deals with local distributors and platforms and the film’s launch in territories,” he noted.


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