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There’s more love to come.

Netflix‘s U.S. version of “Love on the Spectrum” has been renewed for a third season after its second soared into the Global Top 10 for three weeks. The franchise, now entering its fifth installment including two for the Australian series, continues to captivate audiences with its heartfelt exploration of love and relationships among people on the autism spectrum.

Produced by Northern Pictures, the U.S. series’ latest season features a diverse cast ranging from 18-year-old Journey from Chicago, newly diagnosed, to 64-year-old optimist Steve from San Francisco, all sharing their journeys to find love. The show’s impact resonated widely, earning three Primetime Emmy Awards in 2022 for outstanding unstructured reality program, casting and picture editing.

In celebration of Autism Acceptance Day, Netflix hosted an event at the Tudum Theater in L.A., showcasing an episode from the current season. The event was headlined by a Q&A with creator, executive producer and director Cian O’Clery, along with cast members — Abbey and David, Connor and his mother Lise Smith and Dani — moderated by actress and Autism activist Holly Robinson Peete, highlighting the series’ profound effect on individuals and families touched by autism.

The show has had a massive impact on not only people living with Autism, but also their parents as told by Smith to Variety back in January, saying, “I learned on this journey that he’s craving his identity and social group, which went right over my head. The biggest splash of cold water was when I heard him say to one of the producers, ‘I’m lonely. My siblings have boyfriends and girlfriends, and get to go places. I’m always home with my parents.’ And that hit me like a knife through my chest.”

The celebration extended beyond the screening, with Netflix acknowledging Autism Acceptance Month in April. The company partnered with The Autism Society of America to bring awareness with resources and supportive experiences, emphasizing the importance of understanding and supporting the autism community. Autism Society also helped Netflix create calm rooms and inclusive sensory experiences for the event. The reception also included puppies to warm up the crowd.

Job well done.

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