MSU board chair calls claims against her in call for removal ‘fabrications, misstatements’ newsbhunt


Rema Vassar, the first Black woman elected to chair of the Michigan State University board who been called on to resign, said Tuesday that she is going to recommend a university culture and climate assessment at Friday’s Board of Trustees meeting after calling allegations against her as “fabrications” and “untruths.”

“The culture that creates this kind of animosity and chaos and confusion is an unhealed campus with climate that is toxic,” Vassar said. “This is going to continue to repeat itself over and over again. There has to be an interruption and intervention.”

On Sunday, Trustee Brianna Scott sent a letter to board members in which she outlined 10 reasons for why Vassar should resign or be removed as board chair, citing bullying and overstepping her authority. If Vassar didn’t resign, Scott said that her removal should come from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who appeared to call for a review of Scott’s letter in a Monday statement and said the allegations are “deeply concerning” if true.


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