Nepal Police Clash: Nepal: Police clash with ‘pro-monarchy’ protestors in Kathmandu; teargas, water cannons used newsbhunt


KATHMANDU: A clash erupted between Nepal police and pro-monarchy protestors on Thursday, after which the police had to use water cannons and teargas to disperse supporters of businessman Durga Prasai, Kathmandu Post reported.
Dozens of rounds of tear gas was fired to control the situation.
The police said that the crowd attempted to cross the area fixed for the demonstration.
Notably, Prasai is considered a ‘controversial’ businessman who is has been organising people under his ‘Nation, Nationality, Religion-Culture and Citizen Rescue Campaign.’ He has threatened to topple the current Nepal government and “reinstate the monarchy and Hindu Kingdom,” Kathmandu Post reported.
The Police have accused Prasai of inciting the crowd. Protesters allegedly pelted stones targeting security personnel as soon as Prasai left the scene today after addressing the protest at Balkhu.
Earlier in the day, CPN-UML’s youth wing members and Prasai’s supporters clashed during a protest at Balkhu in Kathmandu.
Prasai’s supporters pelted stones at UML cadres after the latter reached Balkhu during a motorcycle rally. Vehicles used by demonstrators and those parked on the roadside, were also damaged by Prasai supporters.
Earlier this week, the Kathmandu district administration had declared the Maitighar to Baneshwar road section as a prohibited area for protests for a month as both sides planned their show of strength in the same areas. They were asked to stage the demonstrations outside the Ring Road.
Lalitpur district administration followed suit and declared certain areas of the district prohibited from protests for three months, Kathmandu Post reported.


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