Netanyahu: ‘We’re in battle of civilisation against barbarism’: Netanyahu to Dutch PM newsbhunt


TEL AVIV: Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday met Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and told him that “we are in a battle of civilisation against barbarism,” The Times of Israel reported.
Netanyahu also said, “Hamas is ISIS, and just as the world united to defeat ISIS, the world has to unite against Hamas, unite with Israel to defeat them.”
Rutte underlined his “respect for what your team is doing to try to fend off this attack and restore the safety of Israel,” according to The Times of Israel.
The two leaders first held an expanded meeting in which the Director of the National Security Council, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, the Prime Minister’s Military Secretary and the Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Adviser participated for the Israeli side and the National Security Adviser and the Dutch Ambassador to Israel participated for the Dutch side.
“I know so many people,” the Dutch PM said. “I think the count is now 1,400 – Israeli people have died through this attack, and it is horrible. It is horrific. And we are going to discuss how now to best move forward. Thank you so much for taking time,” the Dutch PM added.
“I know you understand that this is a battle of humanity against barbarism that is savagery that is unimaginable,” Netanyahu told him. “I’ve been through wars. I’ve seen horrible things. I’ve never seen things this horrible. This is a battle of our common civilization.”
“Thank you, friend, for coming. I always say there’s one thing greater than standing with Israel and that’s standing in Israel, and that is what you are doing, Mark. Thank you,” the Israeli PM added.
Earlier on Sunday, Netanyahu held telephonic conversations with the leaders of France, Spain, and the Netherlands on the ongoing offensive on Hamas, underlining “the determination of the people to eliminate” the terror group’s military.
PM Netanyahu held a series of conversations with leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.
The Israeli PM’s office posted from its official handle on X, “The Prime Minister told the leaders about the unity and determination of the people to eliminate Hamas’s military and governing capabilities and said that Israel’s victory over Hamas would be a victory for the entire world.”
He thanked the leaders for their support of Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas’s “brutal terrorism”.


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