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NS&I has announced the Premium Bonds prize winners for the September prize draw with two Bond holders taking home £1million.

The first jackpot winner is from Norwich and their winning Bond is number 501CJ068508, worth £30,000, which they purchased in May 2022. They previously had £30,000 in Bonds.

The other top prize winner is from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area, who has the winning Bond number 277QT743538. This was a Bond they purchased for £8,000 in July 2016. They previously held £30,244 in Bonds.

Many more people won large prizes including for £100,000 and £50,000. Savers may want to check if they have won a prize as the prize fund rate has gone up from September, from four percent to 4.65 percent.

One person from West Yorkshire won £100,000 for a winning Bond that was part of just £50 in Bonds they purchased back in December 2005. They previously held £1,455 in Bonds.

Sally Swait, NS&I assistant retail director, said: “Congratulations to our two jackpot winners from Norwich; and Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – we hope each of our winners enjoy their £1 million, just in time to prepare for a cosy autumn.

“This month there are over 5.7 million winners including the two million pound jackpot winners and 90 winners who will receive £100,000.”

Another person from Warwickshire also won £100,000 for a winning Bond they purchased just a number of months ago in January this year. They previously had just £300 in Bonds.

Each £1 Bond has an equal chance of winning in the monthly prize draw. A person can check for prizes using the prize checker tool, via the app or with an Alexa-enabled device.

Another winner in the September draw, from Australia, took home £50,000 for a winning Bond they purchased 35 years ago in January 1968.

Customers have the option to use their winnings to buy more Bonds which increases their chance of winning again.

A person purchasing Bonds has to buy at least £25 worth and a person can hold up to £50,000.

A man recently asked NS&I on Twitter what would happen if a child won the £1million jackpot.

The provider said in response: “Policy doesn’t change in light of prize value. If the child is under 16 the responsible parents manage the account, so the decision regarding what to do with the funds is theirs.”

Another person responded to say they had come across four cases where a child had won the jackpot.

NS&I chief executive, Dax Harkins, said after the announcement the prize fund rate would increase: “Premium Bonds are one of the nation’s favourite savings products, so increasing the prize fund rate to its best level since 1999 and improving the odds means that more people will have the chance to win prizes each month.

“These rate increases will help ensure that our savings products remain attractive to customers, whilst ensuring that we continue to balance the needs of savers, taxpayers and the broader financial services sector.”

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