Pacific Football Fish Washes Ashore In Laguna Beach, Raises Climate Concernsnewsbhunt

Last Updated: October 28, 2023, 12:12 IST

Two years later the same species washed up on October 13.

Two years later the same species washed up on October 13.

The first Pacific Football Fish washed at Crystal Cove State Park in May 2021

A bizarre and alien-like sea creature, capable of swallowing prey of considerable size, has washed ashore on Laguna Beach in Los Angeles, United States. This unsettling discovery is none other than the Pacific football fish, a deep-sea denizen cloaked in velvety blackness and adorned with razor-sharp teeth resembling shards of glass. The eerie creature has stirred intrigue and raised questions about the mysteries hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.

Instagram witnessed a flurry of activity as a user shared images and videos of the Pacific football fish. These posts shed light on the remarkable fact that a specimen of this species had previously washed ashore at Crystal Cove State Park in May 2021, only to reappear two years later on October 13.

While the enigmatic origin and repeated appearances of this deep-sea dweller continue to baffle observers, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has launched an investigation. The previous finding now rests in the Natural History Museum of LA County, offering experts an opportunity to delve into the secrets of these intriguing and otherworldly creatures from the depths. Public reaction to the discovery has been mixed, with some pondering its significance in the context of climate change, while others are simply fascinated by its eerie appearance on Friday the 13th.

According to Daily Star, the Pacific football fish, apart from being massive beasts which can grow up to 24 inches long if female, use parasite-like copulation methods to help reproduce. But the ‘sexual parasites” are as horrifying as the creature is to look at.

With the male fish growing to just one inch in length it is up to the behemoth female fish to seek partners that bite them and infuse parasites in their body.

Those parasites soon breed, dissolving and fusing with the female fish. Following the impregnation of parasites, the male fish goes blind and its blood and tissue mixes with the females.

The cycle doesn’t stop there; the male fish are left blind by the parasitic impregnation process and then depend on the female for the rest of their lives as they don’t have vision. Even with blindness the male Pacific Football supply sperms constantly for reproduction.

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