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Experts are reminding pensioners to check their eligibility for energy bill support this winter

A new survey carried out by Oak Tree Mobility is highlighting the plight of many retirees in the winter months.

Some 62 percent of older people polled have cut back on heating to cope with rising costs even to the detriment of their health.

Over 75s are expected to spend eight percent of their total household income on energy bills during winter despite receiving Government assistance.

Those with disabilities are disproportionately more likely to suffer in fuel poverty with 21 percent of those struggling to get disability benefit payments.

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Here is a full list of the extra support payments and concessions available to pensioners this winter to help with rising energy costs:

  • Winter Fuel Payment – offers up to £300 to help older people with energy bills
  • Warm Home Discount – one-off discount worth up to £140 on electricity bills between October 2023 to March 2024
  • Cold Weather Payment – financial support to help pay energy bills with £25 for every seven-day period of sub-zero temperatures
  • Christmas Bonus: One-off, tax-free payment worth £10 to certain older beneficiaries.

Outside of these payments, older households can also apply for a Council Tax Reduction to save more money.

Those who qualify for this benefit can get up to 100 percent off their bill reduced depending on their eligibility.

As well as this, pensioners can apply directly for energy bill support through whoever their supplier is.

Thanks to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), there is a scheme in place to tackle fuel poverty by offering aid to help with home insulation and heating repairs for vulnerable households.

Aside from this extra support, older people will also be able to access their state pension to cover additional costs.

As it stands, the full new state pension comes to £203.85 weekly while the “basic” state pension is £156.20 a week.

Under the triple lock, these payments should rise to £221.20 and £169.50 a week, respectively.

However, these hikes to the payment rate of state pensions will not be applied until April 2024.


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