Peru archaeologists unearth 1,000-year-old mummies of children in Limaso newsbhunt

In Peru, archaeologists have uncovered the mummies of four children, believed to be over 1,000 years old. These remains were found in one of Lima‘s oldest neighborhoods, a site that was once a sacred ceremonial area. The children are thought to have been part of the Ychsma culture. Alongside these children, the remains of an adult were also discovered near a small hill, which might have led to an ancient temple estimated to be around 3,500 years old.
Luis Takuda, who heads the Huaca La Floridaresearch project, explained that three of the mummies were wrapped in textiles, while the other two were skeletons, notably still having hair on their skulls.”This whole area is a very important ceremonial chamber,” Takuda said. “The people who lived here during the Ychsma period still considered it a sacred space and therefore buried their dead here.”
Interestingly, mummies or skeletons with preserved hair have been found before in Peru. Earlier this year, another 1,000-year-old skeleton with long hair was discovered in the Miraflores district. Similarly, in Egypt, archaeologists found mummified children with fair hair, challenging previous assumptions about hair color changes due to mummification processes.
The site of the recent discovery in Peru is located near residential areas and a field used by a professional soccer team. Lima, known for its numerous sacred sites or huacas, has about 400 such sites, according to the Ministry of Culture. The hill where the mummies were found was initially covered in trash and required extensive clearing by excavators. The expansion of Lima’s capital has increasingly encroached upon these ancient huacas, often leading to their destruction or isolation.
Archaeologist Hector Walde, who was not involved in this excavation, clarified that these were normal burials in a sacred space, not human sacrifices. While Lima houses many of Peru’s archaeological sites, the majority are located outside the city, like in Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire.
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