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A Premium Bonds saver who has won nothing over the past two years reached out to provider NS&I to query the savings scheme.

An X user named Tracy (@Tracy65576265) contacted the group, saying: “Not really expecting you to have some kind of spectacular answer but just checked my prize history for a giggle and nothing, nada, nil, not a bean since October 2021…Is there actually any point putting money in here??”

The provider sent the customer a multi-tweet response to explain the rules, clarifying the monthly prize draw is “strictly luck based” so there is “never a guarantee” of winning a prize.

NS&I explained: “Currently, the odds of winning are 24,000 to 1 for every £1 Bond. This is the same for a holder of £1 as it is for another with a maximum of £50,000.

“The only difference between them is that the holder of £50,000 has more ‘entries’ into the monthly draw.”


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