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The winners for the December draw for Premium Bonds have been announced including two £1million winners.

The first £1million prize went to a Bond holder in in York. They have £49,976 in Premium Bonds and bought their winning bond 481BJ590233 two years ago, in December 2021.

The second £1million winner is from Essex and their winning number is Bond number 28FD335334. They purchased the winning Bond in March 2000 and they have £14,600 invested in Premium Bonds.

One lucky winner from Berkshire took home £100,000 despite previously having just £340 in Bonds. They won with a winning Bond they bought as part of £100 in Bonds they purchased over 15 years ago in September 2008.

Another person from Lancashire won £100,000 while they previously had only £2,250 in Bonds. They won with a Bond they purchased in June 2014 when they bought £500 in Bonds.

Andrew Westhead, NS&I retail director, said: “A very big well done and congratulations to this month’s millionaires from York and Essex. We hope they each enjoy their jackpot win from ERNIE, just in time to make this Christmas season extra special.

“It’s been a bumper year for Premium Bonds and we end 2023 with more than 63 million prizes drawn, worth over £4.6billion.”

Another £100,000 prize winner from Barnet won after they bought £35,000 in Bonds just four months ago, in August 2003.

Each £1 Bond has an equal chance of winning a prize in the monthly prize draw but a person can increase their chances of winning by buying more Bonds.

Another top prize from winner, who won £50,000, held a winning Bond they purchased over 30 years ago, in December 1992.

One lucky person from Norwich has had a 10,000x return on their savings, as they previously had just £5 in Bonds and they have now won £50,000. They purchased their £5 in Bonds in July 1983.

A person can check if they have any unclaimed prizes from any prize draw using the prize checker tool on the NS&I website or via the app.

The prize fund rate was increased from four percent to 4.65 percent from the September 2023 draw. Customers usually get a text message or email if notify them if they have won a prize.

The odds of a Bond winning in the draw are 21,000 or one with the lowest prize at £25. People often use their winnings to buy more Bonds to up their chances of winning again.

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