Prosecutor Jack Smith seeks jail time for Trump’s witness remarks newsbhunt

NEW DELHI: Special counsel Jack Smith is seeking potential legal action against Donald Trump if he continues discussing witnesses in the federal election case. On Wednesday, the prosecutor requested the court to reintroduce a stricter gag order on the former president, which could entail more severe consequences, including the possibility of imprisonment if he violates it, as reported by The Washington Post.
Judge Tanya S.Chutkan had temporarily lifted a partial gag order on Trump within the federal case where he faces allegations of conspiring to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory. The initial restriction aimed to prevent Trump from making negative remarks about prosecutors, court personnel, and possible witnesses in a manner characterized as “targeting,” as outlined in the court filing.
But Smith’s submission urged the judge to reinstate the gag order after Trump hinted on social media that a potential witness, former chief of staff Mark Meadows, might be labeled as a “weakling” and “coward” if he decided to testify in exchange for immunity, as previously reported.
The gag order in Washington, DC, should not be confused with the one that Trump violated during his civil financial fraud trial in New York City on Wednesday. In that case, he was fined 10,000 dollars for what seemed to be an insinuation that a law clerk was “partisan.”
However, one legal expert suggests that Trump’s continued defiance of gag orders might persist, as it allows him to portray himself as a victim to his voting base.

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