Russia says it heavily bombed Ukrainian forces around the River Dnipro newsbhunt


MOSCOW: The Russian military said on Saturday it had heavily bombed Ukrainian forces around the River Dnipro in southern Ukraine and killed up to 75 Ukrainian soldiers.
Reuters could not independently verify the battlefield claim.
Kyiv’s military said on Friday that Ukrainian troops had pushed Russian soldiers out of positions on the eastern bank of the River Dnipro in parts of Kherson region and established several bridgeheads.
Moscow on Wednesday conceded for the first time that some Ukrainian forces had crossed onto the River Dnipro’s eastern bank, but has said they faced “Hell fire”.
Russia’s defence ministry said in a statement on Saturday that artillery and air strikes had targeted Ukrainian forces in the settlement of Kachkarivka, on the west bank of the River Dnipro, and on two islands, killing up to 75 enemy soldiers and destroying four vehicles.


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