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One woman is sharing how she was able to make a profit of £473 by selling a second-hand couch.

Sadie, alongside her partner Cameron, documents their side hustle flipping furniture on their TikTok channel.

This is when people make improvements to purchased assets for the purpose of reselling them for profit.

Recently, the couple revealed how they bought a $200 (£157.86) couch which later sold to make $600 (£473.58).

In a recent video, Sadie broke down she how was able to flip this living room essential for almost triple the price originally paid for it.

The side hustler shared: “Another day, another couch flip. I was so excited when I found this coach as I knew it’d be at least $600 (£473.58) profit

“I bought it for $200 and the reason it was priced so low was because it was a little worn on the sides and there were a couple of springs loose.

“Right from the start I knew it would be an easy fix, so let me show you how I did it.”

According to the TikToker, the main thing that was wrong with the couch was fluff sticking out the sides.

To address this, Sadie used her hands to push the fluff back inside the sofa and it regained its original shape.

After doing this, the content creator closed up the gaps using her staple gun so it looked as new as possible.

On one of the pieces in the furniture set, there was a spring burst and the TikTok star revealed how people can remedy this situation when flipping items for sale.

Sadie added: “I popped open the cover on the couch and opened it up so I could see what I was working with.

“After examining how it was attached, it just needed to be screwed back in. I closed it off and moved on to the next thing which was the stitching coming out on this cushion.

“I hand-sewed it all back together and it’s not perfect, but hey, it looks a lot better than it did before.”

Anyone who is interested in finding out more furniture-flipping tips can follow Cameron and Sadie on their TikTok channel.


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