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One woman is sharing the “stupid, easy” side hustle which people can earn close to £357.32 a day from.

Jessie Davies, alongside Kieran Stainton, runs the TikTok account @hustlewfinanicnailfastpass.

The Australians document the various second jobs people can take on to bolster their wages and have amassed over 86,000 followers.

Side hustles have become increasingly popular in light of the gig economy and people looking for ways to supplement their income.

Second jobs are also useful for those looking to pursue passion projects which could turn into full-time careers.

In a recent video, Jessie broke down how transcribing is a lucrative side hustle that is not as time-consuming as many think.

During the 45-second clip, the content creator emphasises how technology is adapting to relieve the stress of managing a second job with a primary career.

She explained: “Did you know you can make $700 AUD a day just by using your computer and it’s stupid, easy?

“First: go to Google and you’re going to search and hit the first link. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click ‘Become a Freelancer’.

“Rev wants to pay you for every word that you time and it’s fairly flexible. You can get paid up to $12 (£6.13) per minute.”

Hypothetically, if someone were to type for eight hours per day they could earn up to $700 (£357.32).

Responding to potential criticism that this side hustle “isn’t easy”, Jessie highlighted the automated part of the job.

When hustlers go to their Word document and click on dictate, Microsoft Word will write all the words that are said by someone.


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