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Sneha Khanwalkar: I perceive creating music on the go as an incredibly liberating and innovative approach to music-making

Sneha Khanwalkar: I perceive creating music on the go as an incredibly liberating and innovative approach to music-making

Sneha Khanwalkar is a disruptor when it comes to music in Bollywood, we get chatty with the unconventional composer

Sneha Khanwalkar, a renowned music composer, has been characterized in various manners, yet she personally labels her work as ‘creative experimental’ music. Prior to her contributions to Hindi cinema, she made her presence felt on television through the distinctive sounds of India showcased in the program MTV Sound Trippin (2012). Recognized for her compositions in films like Gangs of Wasseypur (2012), Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! (2008), and Manto (2018), Khanwalkar, 40, recently crafted the musical score for the animated short film, “The Bandits of Golak’s.” This short is among the collection of nine films in the second season of the animated anthology Star Wars: Visions, directed by Ishan Shukla.

In this interview, she talks about her personal choices, ASMR music and nature as a source of inspiration.


  1. Artists are turning to nature as a source of inspiration. What is your take on music from nature as a form of expression?

As an artist, I take solace in nature for inspiration. I have consistently welcomed and integrated sounds that are intrinsic to the natural world and our daily existence. My conviction lies in the belief that anything that emerges from the depths of nature inherently carries a melodic essence, a quality that is truly magical in its natural form.

  1. ASMR music has gained immense popularity in recent times. It incorporates natural sounds like rustling leaves, flowing water, or bird songs to create immersive auditory experiences. What are your thoughts on this?

As a musician, I am intrigued by ASMR music. It’s a captivating blend of music and nature’s symphony, where the subtle harmonies of rustling leaves, trickling water, and melodious chirping of birds intertwine with music. This paves way to a realm of creative possibilities, allowing us to work on unique compositions that engages the listener’s senses on a deeply immersive level. ASMR music represents an innovative way to evoke emotions and transport the listeners to serene natural landscapes. I’m highly excited to witness how this trend continues to evolve and inspire both musicians and music enthusiasts.

  1. In an era dominated by digital music production and artificial sounds, there is a growing trend among musicians to embrace instruments and sounds that emerge from the natural world around us. How do you think you can incorporate this in your music?

In my opinion, amidst the prevailing era of digital music production, the charm of harnessing nature and its elements has grown stronger among musicians in recent times. Just as we are evolving in life, music evolves too and this evolution parallels the changes we experience in our lives; as we adapt and transform, so does the music we create. However, what consistently captivates my interest is the harmonious fusion of both natural and digital musical realms.

  1. How do you view creating music on the go and please share your creative process with us? 

I perceive creating music on the go as an incredibly liberating and innovative approach to music-making. It allows artists and enthusiasts like me to break free from the confines of a traditional studio setup and harness the creative flow wherever inspiration strikes. The tranquility found in nature can lead to the creation of exceptional compositions allowing the synergy between the environment and music to naturally unfold. Every creation sparks with an inspiration, and I keep my senses open to the world around me, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature.

5. In an era marked by environmental consciousness, how do you practice and embrace a sustainable lifestyle with a brand like Signature?

In an era where our planet’s well-being hangs in the balance, embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle becomes more than just a choice; it’s a responsibility we owe to our mother Earth. As a music artist, I find myself harmonizing with the Live Good Do Good, vision of the brand. Signature packaged drinking water’s commitment to environmental consciousness resonates deeply with me, as nature’s music has been my constant muse. Nature’s rhythms, from the rustling leaves to the babbling brooks, have composed the soundtrack of my life, grounding me, and inspiring my art. This harmonious connection has driven me to integrate eco-friendliness into my lifestyle, a melody of choices that crescendos into a symphony of positive impact.


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