‘Speaking with Fire’: Benjamin Netanyahu affirms ongoing talks with Hamas on hostage release newsbhunt


TEL AVIV: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed ongoing efforts to secure the release of hostages in Gaza through military operations, The Times of Israel reported.
Netanyahu emphasised the need for strategic and careful decision-making by the war cabinet. stating, “We are continuing now to speak with our enemy about continuing to free hostages — speaking with fire.”
In a recent address to members of the Likud party, Netanyahu urged caution among Likud ministers and lawmakers during the wartime, advising them to “be careful with your words, in particular during a time of war,” and avoid personal arguments, especially concerning criticism of security forces.
Netanyahu underscored the importance of maintaining unity and focus on both the southern and northern fronts.
Netanyahu also called for a thorough inquiry into the fatal shooting of Yuval Doron Castleman, a civilian who responded to a Jerusalem shooting attack last Thursday, CNN reported.
Castleman heroically intervened, saving lives, but tragically lost his own in the process. Netanyahu expressed condolences and highlighted the need for a comprehensive investigation into the incident.
“Yuval Doron Castleman is a hero of Israel. In a supreme act of bravery, Yuval saved many lives. However, unfortunately, a terrible tragedy occurred there – and the man who had saved others was killed. There must be a thorough inquiry,” CNN quoted Netanyahu as saying.
The incident unfolded as Castleman responded to a shooting attack at a Jerusalem bus stop. Videos circulating on social media depict Castleman firing his handgun at the attackers before realising he could be mistaken for one of them. He threw away his pistol, dropped to his knees, opened his jacket to show he wasn’t wearing a suicide vest, and raised his hands. A uniformed soldier on the other side of the attackers’ car reportedly shot Castleman after his hands were raised.
Initially, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) announced they would not investigate the incident. However, following widespread media coverage and public outcry, Israel Police committed to investigating, prompting the IDF to join the inquiry due to the involvement of a soldier in the shooting.
The attack in Jerusalem was claimed by Hamas, leading Israel to cite it as a violation of the pause in hostilities between Hamas and Israel. The situation remains tense on both the southern and northern fronts as Israel continues its efforts to address security concerns and secure the release of hostages through military operations, CNN reported.


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