Suneel Darshan Makes SHOCKING Allegations Against Sunny Deol: ‘He Owes Me Rs 77.25 Lakhs’newsbhunt


Suneel Darshan claims that Sunny Deol owes him a large sum of money.

Suneel Darshan claims that Sunny Deol owes him a large sum of money.

Suneel Darshan opened up about his financial feud with Sunny Deol, in the context of his film Ajay.

Bollywood producer and director Suneel Darshan has accused Sunny Deol of cheating him and not returning the signing amount even after refusing to do the film. Darshan and Deol have worked in Ajay, Inteqam and Lootere. Their feud started in 1996 and has continued over the years. Now, in a new Interview, Suneel Darshan has opened up about the same.

While speaking with Dainik Bhaskar, Suneel Darshan recalled that Sunny Deol had asked for the distribution rights for Ajay, when he was planning to start his own International film distribution company. The film-maker alleges that Sunny Deol convinced him to get the amount from London as well as some important papers. After that, he promised Suneel that he would pay him once he got his hands on the prints of the film. However, later, as per Suneel Darshan’s allegations, Sunny Deol refused payment and would call him to various cities around the country and would quote ‘personal problems’ as the reason behind not reimbursing him.

He told the portal, “Later, he asked for my help in the production of a film that he was working on. He said he’d do a film with me and adjust the dues in my payment after the film was completed. I had already done two films with Sunny and I believed him. Neither was the film completed, nor did I get any money. I ran after Sunny Deol for four years and he had some hits as well as some flops during that time. It was wrong, therefore I approached the court.”

He also added, “In the court, Sunny claimed he did not have the money to give me and promised to do a film with me. Then, he would ask for changes in the script or claim a lack of dates and never completed the film. Basically, he never intended to pay my money. It has been almost 27 years and I am still running around in circles for the court case. I tried my best for an outside-court settlement but it could not happen. This man is not even ready to respect the court’s verdict. The established amount (that Sunny needs to pay him) is ₹77,25,000. Sunny has set up a lot of property but forgot to return others’ money. I have faith in the law of the land and I hope to get my money back.”

According to the filmmaker, when the director reached out to the actor, he kept postponing his dates for shooting the film until the dates mentioned in his contract were passed. After this, the director sent him a legal notice, to which, Deol’s team responded that the actor did not approve of the film’s dialogue. Darshan claimed that a lot of money was involved in the making of the movie and Deol sent him on a long goose chase, which even after 26 years hasn’t subsided.

Reportedly, the action drama film that starred Karisma Kapoor as the female lead was released without shooting the climax portion.


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