Super Mafia: Rising concerns as Italy’s top three gang godfathers seen sharing meal newsbhunt

The godfathers of Italy’s three most powerful organised crime gangs were recently captured on camera, fueling concerns that they may have come together to create a formidable alliance. According to the Daily Star, Dons from the Ndrangheta of Calabria, Camorra of Naples and Cosa Nostra of Sicily were seen sharing a meal during a secret summit, marking one of many illicit meetings that have been under police surveillance for the past two years.
Prosecutors have sounded the alarm, suggesting that these three criminals may have set aside their historic rivalries to form a grand alliance, exploiting business opportunities in Italy’s prosperous north. This unholy alliance has been described as an “evolved criminal network” that solidifies a stable and lasting agreement between Calabrian, Sicilian and Roman mafia members, creating a confederation.
The Daily Star reported one alleged Camorra don saying to an ally, “This is Milan. We’re not in Sicily, we’re not in Rome, we’re not in Naples – this is where we’re doing the good stuff.” to which the alleged member of Cosa Nostra replied, “We’ve built an empire.” These ominous words hint at the massive sums of money these crime groups are amassing by investing in legitimate businesses in Milan.
These mafia organizations have shifted focus to white-collar crime and legitimate investments. They funnel the profits from drug trafficking into various sectors, including construction, hospitals, airport car parks, fruit and vegetable markets and even government contracts for refurbishing jails. They are also accused of siphoning off Covid-19 recovery funds distributed by the Italian state, further deepening their pockets.
The details about the alliance came to light through Operation Hydra after the authorities arrested 11 alleged mafia members on a wide range of charges, from extortion to illegal possession of firearms, aggravated threats, drug trafficking, and tax evasion. Additionally, assets worth more than 225 million euros were seized during the operation and 142 individuals are currently under investigation for suspected involvement in mafia activities.

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