Taliban: Power in Afghanistan in hands of religious scholars: Taliban newsbhunt


KABUL: Afghanistan’s Taliban-appointed acting Interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqhas said that the power in Afghanistan is now in the hands of religious scholars and they understand the interests and priorities of the country, TOLO News reported.
TOLO News is an Afghan news channel broadcasting from Kabul.
Haqqani said this in a meeting with a delegation of scholars from Islamic countries.He discussed a range of topics including security, economic stability and construction in the country.
The Taliban-appointed acting Interior Minister also mentioned the Taliban‘s fight against the production, cultivation and smuggling of drugs and the treatment of drug addicts.
“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has had good achievements in the past two years in the area of fighting against narcotics, the treatment of addicts, the fight against corruption, ensuring security all over the country, and also stability and economic growth,” said Abdul Mateen Qani, the spokesman of the Taliban-appointed ministry.
According to some political analysts, the visit of the delegation of Islamic countries with the officials of the Islamic Emirate can be effective in solving some of the challenges of the country.
“It is the responsibility of the Islamic countries, and the international community, to pay attention to Afghanistan and persuade the current government to pay attention to these remarks. I think the visit of these scholars is effective,” Khalil Ahmad Nadim, a political analyst, told TOLO News.
“Their visit [scholars] with the Taliban officials, I think will not have a tangible change in the behaviour of the Taliban,” Sayed Javad Sajadi, a political analyst, told TOLO News.


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