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Sahasranamam made his debut in cinema in 1935.

Sahasranamam made his debut in cinema in 1935.

Directed by Muktha V Srinivasan stars SV Sahasranamam, M Pandaribai and M Mynavathi in the lead roles.

The iconic Tamil film Naalu Veli Neelam, directed by Muktha V Srinivasan, recently celebrated its 64th anniversary since its release. In 1959, Sahasranamam produced this cinematic adaptation of DJ’s acclaimed play, Naalu Veli Neelam, which had previously garnered accolades as a stage drama. The screenplay and dialogues for the film were crafted by Thi Janakiraman.

Directed by Muktha V Srinivasan, the movie features SV Sahasranamam, M Pandaribai, and M Mynavathi in pivotal roles. The cinematography for the film was expertly handled by Nimai Ghosh, while the music was composed by KV Mahadevan and MK Athmanathan. The lyrics were penned by A Maruthakasi and MK Athmanathan. SV Sahasranamam, the producer of the film, also took on the lead role.

Despite its thought-provoking songs, compelling storyline, impeccable dialogues, and stellar performances, Naalu Veli Neelam faced commercial failure during its initial release. The film was considered ahead of its time, and its thought-provoking theme failed to resonate with the audience of that era. Distributors incurred losses, but Sahasranamam, in an act of generosity, chose to refund them instead of pursuing a new project to recover his losses, prioritizing their well-being.

The film’s narrative revolves around SV Subpaiah, who endeavours to exchange a fenced piece of land for four, involving a cost of forty thousand. The story unfolds to reveal his eventual contentment with Nalana. Sahasranama’s intervention during the Vidinthal Theerth festival resulted in a lack of participants for the chariot-pulling event.

Sahasranamam made his cinematic debut in 1935 and swiftly became a prominent figure in the industry. Over the years, he has contributed to more than 200 films, showcasing his remarkable talent. His passion for theatre production and acting remained unwavering throughout his illustrious career.

Born in Singanallur in 1913, SV Sahasranamam embarked on his acting journey at a young age, driven by his passion for the craft. He became a part of Sri Bala Sanmukanta Sabha, later known as TKS Nataka Sabha. His impressive filmography includes notable works such as Marmayogi, Aananda Jothi, Urimai Kural, Kanna Nalama, Adi Parasakthi, Velli Vizha, Thirumangalyam, Aarupushpangal, and Punnagai.

Meanwhile, Muktha V Srinivasan, acclaimed for films like Polladhavan, Idayathil Nee, and Iru Methaigal, contributed significantly to the world of cinema. His other notable projects include Katha Nayagan, Vaai Kozhuppu, Iru Methaigal, Sivappu Sooriyan, Paritchaikku Neramchu, and Avan Aval Adhu, among others. The director passed away on May 29, 2018, in Chennai, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable cinematic achievements.


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