This Tamil Nadu Woman Makes Skincare Products Using Herbs From Bulgaria And Himalayas


Last Updated: August 28, 2023, 12:35 IST

She initially sold the products online but has now set up a branch for it.

She initially sold the products online but has now set up a branch for it.

Pradeepa Thirumudi started to sell skin-care products under the brand name Earth Veda.

An amazing idea is the foundation of every revolutionary business and if the founder is able to supplement it with proper execution as well, the startup can become successful. Pradeepa Thirumudi of Tamil Nadu, a certified cosmologist by the central government, stumbled upon a similar idea. According to a News18 report, she knew about various skincare products available in the market, that contain harmful chemicals and are allergic to the body. She decided to make similar products but with the help of natural herbs for the skin-related problems faced by her and her family as well.

Pradeepa was elated to know that the beauty products had the desired effects. This encouraged her to tread forward in her efforts to sell these products even further. Some of these products are soap, face and lip balm and others. She started to sell these skin-care products under the brand name Earth Veda and used herbs available in places like Bulgaria and the Himalayas to make them.

They have been successful by far in eliminating problems like black spots, acne, dark circles, and skin discolouration. Initially, she kept the business prospects limited and sold these skin-related medicines online only. She then expanded her area of operations and started a branch near Mandaveli Amman Temple, Cumbum to sell these medicines. Pradeepa’s children, son Krupa Venkat Kumar and daughter, Vino Durga, are also assisting their mother in the business by handling the marketing work.

Earth Veda, the brand started by Pradeepa, has now become famous all over Tamil Nadu and she is happy with this achievement. Pradeepa told News18 that she is earning a good amount from this company. According to her, people prefer to buy skin-care products from her branch only, because they rely more on medicines made from natural herbs. These medicines, as she said, have proved beneficial for them and thus people want to use them in their daily lives.

As shown in a News18 video, Pradeepa and her family use all the necessary safety precautions like face masks and gloves while making these skin-care products. The medicines are neatly stacked in different boxes as well.


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