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After winning the 2023 Tribeca Festival’s Founders Award for Best U.S. Narrative Feature, the official trailer for Tierra Whack‘s “Cypher” has been released.

Chronicling her meteoric rise to stardom, the documentary tells the rapper’s story after having first gained recognition at 15 years old when she was just rapping on the Philadelphia streets for a YouTube Channel. Quickly growing in viral fame, the video soon led the artist to director Chris Moukarbel, who began documenting her career, going behind the scenes of concerts and music videos. Whack also shares her thoughts on her newfound fame along the way.

“I think sometimes I just can’t believe this is all happening for me,” Whack says in the minute-long trailer.

But Whack soon realizes there’s a downside to the world knowing your name. “After a particularly tiring set, a seemingly innocuous fan interaction begins a series of increasingly unsettling events that swirl around Tierra and her team — even following them to Dubai. They soon start questioning who is filming whom and whether being seen (or watched) is a desirable and unavoidable part of fame,” reads the documentary’s official description.

Directed and produced by Chris Moukarbel, Whack produced the film alongside Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, John Hodges, Sanjay M. Sharma, Roya Rastegar, and Anthony Seyler. Moukarbel also served as screenwriter. Natalia-Leigh Brown, Johnny Montina, Kenete Simms, Jake Fuller, Raina Kelley serve as executive producers. The documentary hails from Andscape, Disney and ESPN’s multi-media brand.

“Cypher” will debut on Hulu, and in select theaters on Nov. 24.

View the trailer below.


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