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Last Updated: December 02, 2023, 11:04 IST

The eyes look to be eerily human, even though it has way bigger irises

The eyes look to be eerily human, even though it has way bigger irises

The animal has striking human-like eyes and is considered an endangered species.

Our world is filled with wonders some known, some mysterious, but equally intriguing. Just like in the case of this animal which is going viral for its unique looks. As per the viral clip, this animal has a human-like appearance, especially because of its eyes.

The video featuring a golden langur, renowned for its uncanny human-like visage, surfaced on the social media platform X, courtesy of the account @historyinmemes. Spanning 14 seconds, the clip offers an intimate view of the golden langur, seemingly oblivious to the camera capturing its every move. The creature’s face, prominently displayed, showcases the distinctive human resemblance characteristic of this species. Notably, the focal point of attention lies in the creature’s large, human-like eyes, captured in their full glory as it curiously surveys its surroundings. Despite the distinctly larger irises, it’s the eye shape that imparts an eerily human quality to the golden langur’s gaze. The accompanying tweet emphasises the rarity of the species and notes that researchers have observed a deliberate effort by these creatures to shun human interaction.

Encountering this video online is bound to leave viewers entranced by the mesmerising and humanoid allure of the golden langur.

Netizens react to the clip in the comment section. The first user wrote, “I hope it continues succeeding at avoiding human interaction.” A second user wrote, “It’s crazy how human-like those eyes are. It makes me feel weird because you can see the thought in that face. Not just animal behavior.” Another user replied, “It looks almost human, almost alien, like it’s about to talk.” The video has been liked more than 156,000 times, with 19,000 retweets and 63.8 million views on the platform.

According to the reports, the golden langurs are an endangered species, where the adults have been estimated to be around 6000 to 6,500. It is mainly found in India and Bhutan.


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