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Last Updated: September 06, 2023, 10:23 IST

The girlfriend's flight was rescheduled on the day of the proposal.

The girlfriend’s flight was rescheduled on the day of the proposal.

The man shared that the entire planning took about a month after he established contact with Laura Platts, the communications manager at Auckland Airport.

A man of Indian descent, Yashraj Chhabra, proposed to his girlfriend, Riiya Shukla, at Auckland Airport, New Zealand in a Bollywood-inspired manner. He knelt down to propose and a video of this elaborate proposal was shared on the airport’s Instagram page, gaining widespread attention online.

Chhabra seized control of the airport’s public address (PA) system to profess his love for Shukla and popped the question, requesting her hand in marriage. Chhabra, a banking specialist based in Auckland, had a heartfelt desire to create a memorable moment for his partner with whom he shared an eight-year history.

Shukla, a project manager based, was in Melbourne at the time. Chhabra shared, “She’s a tough one to surprise, and I was determined to catch her off guard,” in an interview with the New Zealand Herald. Despite the complexity of his grand proposal idea, he wasn’t certain it would come to fruition, stating, “I wasn’t confident Auckland Airport would agree but I was thrilled when they agreed to turn my dream proposal into a reality.”

“Love was in the air at Auckland Airport. We jumped at the chance to be ring-ins for this unforgettable moment. Grab the tissues and be ready to swoon. Congratulations Riiya and Yashraj! Thank you for making us a part of it,” the caption of the airport’s Instagram post reads.

According to CNN, Chhabra took the initiative to reach out to airport officials through cold calls and LinkedIn messages. However, he encountered difficulties due to the stringent airport protocols. Eventually, he managed to establish contact with Laura Platts, the communications manager at Auckland Airport, who played a pivotal role in coordinating every aspect of the proposal. This included arranging for cake, and flowers, and having both of their families present at the airport. The entire proposal was professionally filmed by a dedicated crew.

Chhabra shared that the entire planning took about a month. On the day of the proposal, things didn’t go smoothly either. Shukla’s flight was rescheduled and she nearly missed it. Upon landing in Auckland, she realised her luggage hadn’t arrived, prompting her to head to the service counter for assistance. However, her family members repeatedly called her, urging her to disregard the luggage and join them outside.

When Shukla emerged from the airport, she was met with the heartwarming sight of Chhabra on one knee, holding a ring, surrounded by their loved ones holding signs that read “Will you marry me?” Meanwhile, Chhabra’s pre-recorded message played over the airport’s PA system, creating a truly unforgettable moment.


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