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Last Updated: November 18, 2023, 17:07 IST

They served jalebi, maggi and dessert. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

They served jalebi, maggi and dessert. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Reacting to the viral video, a commuter said, “I want to make a reservation, the five-star cuisine I just witnessed seems too tempting.”

For the residents of Mumbai, local trains are an indispensable part of their daily lives in the bustling city. Recently, two vloggers took the spotlight as they transformed a coach of the local train into a makeshift restaurant. The video quickly went viral, sparking a diverse range of opinions from viewers. While content creators have explored dance videos and stunts on local trains before, the establishment of a restaurant inside one is a surprising and unexpected twist that has captivated online audiences.

The two content creators shared glimpses of their unique experience on Mumbai locals through their Instagram handle. They describe the meticulous planning behind it, including the production and distribution of customized invitation cards. The video features a note inviting people to the “grand opening” of “Tasty Ticket,” offering free meals for everyone, along with details like the date, time, location, and contact numbers.

On the first day, the vloggers transformed into servers. Inside a local train compartment, they arranged a small folding table and covered it with a white cloth. They proceeded to serve two passengers an unconventional combination of food, such as jalebi with oregano and Maggi with ketchup. Cutlery was provided for the diners to enjoy their unique meal. The vloggers claimed that their antics led to a connection with the two strangers. To further engage, they offered a dessert and playfully inquired about the possibility of opening a 5-star restaurant. They also sought feedback on which dish was the favourite, to which the passengers responded well.

A social media user impressed by the plan said, “Konse station pe miloge Bhai?” Another one wrote, “I wanted to make a reservation, the five star cuisine I just witnessed seems too tempting.”

Some challenged them to try out this experiment at peak hours. Users said, “Do this on a Monday at 8 at Dadar station,” “Virar fast me mila kya.”

Some also warned that this experiment can get them into trouble, “Tumko ek din RPF wale aache se pelne wale hai, I just want that part when TC arrived.”

Witnessing the food they served, a user joked, “Bro offended the Western Railway, the BMC, the FSSAI and Gordan Ramsay simultaneously.”

Would you like to book a table at this restaurant?

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