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NEW DELHI: Robert Card is the primary suspect in the tragic mass shooting incident that resulted in the loss of at least 22 people in separate shooting incidents at a restaurant and a bowling alley in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night.
He is identified as a proficient firearms instructor and serves as an Army Reservist based in Saco, Maine. It’s worth noting that he has a documented history of mental health issues, including the aforementioned claims of hearing voices and past threats regarding the military training base in Saco.
Significantly, Card had made alarming statements about “hearing voices” and had previously issued threats to carry out a shooting at the National Guard Base where he was stationed, the New York Post reported.
A phone number listed for Card was not in service, the Associated Press reported.
The motivations driving the mass shooting incident remain unclear. However, the revelation that Card had previously expressed violent intentions and has a history of mental health challenges raises pertinent questions about the effectiveness of systems designed to monitor individuals with such backgrounds, particularly when they have access to firearms.
During the summer, he had a two-week stay in a mental health facility before being released. Law enforcement is actively pursuing information on Robert Card’s current whereabouts, as he is still on the run and poses a significant threat to public safety. (Inputs from agencies)


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