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Gill Rodwell, 66, has been earning money this way for around 30 years and isn’t stopping now that she’s hit state pension age. She expects to bring in £1,000 this month alone, with earnings over the year hitting up to £800 a month. The work also helps Gill follow her passion for books.

Direct selling is booming as new generation of career-women boost their earnings and build micro-businesses from this flexible career option.

Earnings have jumped 73 percent in just two years, with the average direct seller earning £833 a month, up from £481 in 2023, the largest jump in a decades according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

More than half a million Britons sell for brands such as Avon, Ann Summers and The Body Shop but it is more than a mere side hustle.

Today, 45 per cent of direct sellers say it is now their primary source of income, up from 22 per cent last year.

DSA director general Susannah Schofield said: “The historic image of direct selling may be women earning pin money for spending on inessentials, but this is no longer the case with significant numbers joining since the cost-of-living crisis.”

Gill, who lives in Poole, Dorset with her husband Tony, 60, is an independent direct selling consultant with Usborne Community Partnerships.

Established in 1981, this is a division of the award-winning children’s publisher Usborne, which was established by Peter Usborne and is still family owned and run.

Usborne works with Independent Usborne Partners across the UK and mainland Europe, who run their own small businesses selling books directly to customers, families and schools. It’s a member of the DSA.

Gill says: “I’ve been direct selling for more than three decades after starting my business in 1987. Back then it helped me earn money flexibly around my three young children. Now it’s helping me enjoy nice things during my retirement.”

Like many direct selling jobs, Gill fits the work hers around her daily activities. “It gives me enough flexibility to care for my elderly mum,” Gill says.

She started direct selling when her husband was in the army. “I had bought some for my children when he was posted overseas but when we moved back to the UK, I couldn’t seem to find any.”

She became a direct seller herself, because she wanted other children to have access to the range of books, too.

Gill also did various other jobs, including secretarial work and working in a library, but in 2001 decided to solely focus on direct selling.

Earnings vary but average from £600 to £800 a month. “November and December are busier than usual, so my earnings are higher. I always earn at least £1,000 in these months and sometimes more.”

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Gill typically spend 10 to 12 hours a week on her direct selling work, so still has time to do her other hobbies. “The money allows myself and my husband to treat our children and their families to a nice family holiday every spring.”

Gill and Tony still haven’t paid off their mortgage so the extra cash also helps ease any money worries and allows them to live more comfortably.

Gill says: “I wouldn’t want to stretch myself too thin by relying solely on my pension. This time of life is for enjoyment and working as a direct seller for Usborne enables me to do that.”

It’s also her passion. “I love encouraging children to read and enjoy books. I’ve made many friends over the years I’ve been doing this and shared a lot of fun with them.”

Gill would recommend direct selling to others saying that “it doesn’t feel like work”. “I sell the books through charity events and craft fairs and helping schools locally. It’s great that I can earn money while visiting these kinds of events, supporting my community,” she says.


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