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Last Updated: November 24, 2023, 16:02 IST

The woman's husband does not know about the matter yet. (Representative Image)

The woman’s husband does not know about the matter yet. (Representative Image)

“I was shocked and just told her that I would think about it. I honestly don’t want her to wear it. I want to preserve it for a future daughter,” the woman said.

A 24-year-old newlywed bride in the UK faced an unexpected and peculiar request from her mother-in-law just three months after their wedding. The bride, still basking in the joy of her recent nuptials, was taken aback when her mother-in-law, Rose, who made a surprising request – she asked for the bride’s wedding dress. This unusual demand left the bride in a dilemma.

The bride shared her predicament on Reddit, revealing that her mother-in-law, Rose, approached her with an unusual request after her recent wedding to Marcus (25). Rose expressed that she and her husband were inspired by the newlyweds and wanted to renew their vows. The twist came when Rose asked to wear the bride’s wedding dress since she had to sell hers when Marcus was a child. As per the post, Rose went on to say that she didn’t want to spend the money on a brand-new wedding dress.

Elaborating further, the bride shared some interesting traits about her mother-in-law and explained that she did not think her wedding dress would be in safe hands. “I was shocked and just told her that I would think about it. I honestly don’t want her to wear it. I want to preserve it for a future daughter or granddaughter, and the dress would have to be altered in order to fit my MIL. I’m also afraid of it possibly being stained or torn since Rose is clumsy and has ruined expensive clothes of mine or her own because of it. The fabric is delicate, and part of it is white, which makes it notoriously hard to get stains out of it,” she added.

The bride concluded by saying that her husband is unaware of the matter yet. However, her mother-in-law keeps asking her about it, but she has not given her an answer yet.

“The reason my mother-in-law asked me instead of renting/thrifting a dress is that she does not think clothing should be rented out. She would feel uncomfortable wearing a stranger’s dress when I offered those options,” her post further read.

Responding to the post, an individual wrote, “Politely, but firmly say no. Do mention it to hubby first because your mother-in-law is going to call her son once you say no, and he needs to be on the same page as you. A wedding dress is a very personal thing for a woman. You are just not comfortable with your dress being loaned out and altered a few months after your wedding.”

“It’s a bizarre and boundary-trampling request. It sounds like you have lent her clothes before, and while she does not want to spend money, her borrowing and ruining your clothes has cost you. A wedding dress is very personal. A polite ‘I am not comfortable with this. It’s too personal to me’ should settle the matter. If her boundary-trampling turns this into a drama, then you will know who you are dealing with,” another user commented.

An account remarked, “Your mother-in-law is testing you to see if you will roll over for his request. You need to be polite, but firm. Sorry Rose, I appreciate you asking, but the answer is no. You can point out that customarily a dress for a vow renewal is a simpler version of a wedding dress as the renewal is not the same as a wedding.”

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