Overnight Russian attacks kill at least two civilians: Kyiv newsbhunt


KYIV: Two civilians died in Russia’s latest overnight barrage of drones and missiles, which hit a hospital, a building at a mine and other civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, Kyiv said on Tuesday.
Ukraine has been bracing for an increase in Russian attacks on critical infrastructure — particularly energy facilities — as sub-zero temperatures set in.
In an updated statement, the air force said it destroyed nine out of 10 drones and a cruise missile launched by Russia.
Moscow also targeted Ukraine with four guided missiles.
“The central city hospital in the town of Selydove in the Donetsk region, the building of the Kotlyarevska mine and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged,” the military said.
One civilian was killed and eight were wounded in the attack on the hospital, Ukraine’s general prosecutor said.
The attack on the mine killed a 63-year-old employee, the prosecutor said.
At least four people were killed in the town last week after Russian forces shelled a residential building there.
Further north in Kharkiv region, a 29-year-old civilian man died when a private house caught fire after shelling, the regional governor said.
Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure last winter left thousands in the cold and dark for long periods, and Kyiv has since received more air defence systems from its allies.
The Kremlin said at the time that Ukraine’s leadership was responsible for civilian suffering linked to the long power outages because Kyiv refused to agree to Moscow’s terms to end the conflict.


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