Putin: Putin to test world’s largest ballistic missile over South Pole newsbhunt


Vladimir Putin is set to test the world’s largest ballistic missile by launching it over the South Pole, Metro reported.
It’s called Satan 2, ‘unstoppable’ doomsday weapon that travels at 15,880 miles per hour. This massive missile weighs 208 tonnes and is as big as a 14-story tower block.
Reportedly, Russia is set to put the first regiment to be armed with the intercontinental nuclear missile on ‘combat duty’ next month.
According to Metro, this comes at a time when the Sarmat missile has not been properly tested.
The report by Russian state media on this was taken away shortly after it went live, according to Metro.
TASS news agency reported that ‘even a truncated LCI [flight development tests], and assuming all launches are successful, would require several more launches, including via the South Pole’.
The initial Sarmat regiment, which includes a command post and multiple silo launchers, will begin its operational duties in December of this year as a part of the Uzhur missile formation in the Strategic Missile Forces, as per a defense source quoted by Metro.
The regiment is currently on ‘experimental combat duty’ in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia. However, the tests for Putin’s fifth-generation missile are running behind schedule and have not been finished yet, according to Metro.
Only one fully confirmed successful test is known to have been carried out in April 2022.
The Sarmat flight tests are currently being carried out from the Plesetsk spaceport to the Kura training ground in Kamchatka, according to TASS.
Putin last month insisted that his designers had ‘finished work’ on the Sarmat ‘super heavy missile’.
Putin said,”We just need to finish some of the procedures in a purely administrative and bureaucratic way, and move on to mass production and put them on combat duty. And we will do this in the near future.”


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